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Belgian Federation of Football Agents

The Belgian Federation of Football Agents (BFFA) is a not-for-profit organization which has been formed to promote, organise and enforce a high standard of professionalism, clarity and regulatory control in the Belgian industry of football agents.

More info: footballagents.be

Move to Cure

Move to Cure is a team of experts under the guidance of Lieven Maesschalck specialised in the treatment of complex orthopaedic injuries. Lieven developed a specific vision which he has been applying daily, together with his team.

More info: www.movetocure.com
Rehabilitation | Injury Prevention | Podiatry | ...

Puilaetco Dewaay

Puilaetco Dewaay focuses exclusively on private banking. This makes their advice completely independent. Thanks to the expertise of its employees, we can propose solutions specifically tailored to each client, taking into account their investor profiles, knowledge, experience, goals, investment horizon and financial situation.

Private Banking | Financial Advise

Van Landuyt & Partners

With their wide range of specialisations in all branches of modern-day law, Van Landuyt & Partners apply their knowledge and skills day in, day out to steer our clients away from conflict. In conflict resolution, we try to avoid legal proceedings wherever we can

More info: vlv-law.be/en/

DNF Group

dnf sport & entertainment is the reference for accounting, tax and financial matters in the sports and entertainment sector.

The sports sector has a particularly complex tax system and rapidly changing legal rules. As a sports federation, club, individual sportsman or trainer, you need adapted guidance to stay up-to-date with all fiscal and financial evolutions in your sector.

More info: www.dnf.be/nl
Accountancy | Tax | Finance

Master Class

Master Class is a German innovative company that is focused on sports technologies. Master Class provides state-of-the-art football analytics to drive 11 One agency business using technology that makes our players immediately stand out in the eyes of a scouting specialist or a sports director.

Technology | Analytics | Reports

Flying Colours

With an extensive track record in marketing, image rights contracting and European athlete endorsement, Flying Colours knows how to establish relevant connections that resonate after the game. When developing partnerships, they value purpose over exposure and when empowering organisations they prefer the pivotal role to an offensive approach.

Sports Marketing | Image Rights

Eat Good Feel Good

Which food is suitable for you as a football player? If you train regularly, it is important to provide your body with the right fuel. Which nutrients and supplements are important to promote your recovery and thus avoid injuries? Do you want to improve your performance? You’ll receive access to our nutritional advice partner.

Dietary advice

All Round Soccer

ARS wants to provide footballers with better and thorough guidance in the form of a football school, internships at home and abroad, technique days, private training sessions, lectures and workshops on nutrition, negotiations, commercial and financial advice, study guidance …

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